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All Solar Specialists Are Not All Created Equal
At IGrene Solutions, we have long understood that we have a responsibility towards our planet, our communities, and our customers. This responsibility drives our sense of purpose. That inspires every one of our employees who have committed themselves to our journey, to take the forefront in the sustainable energy future.
Since our establishment, we have placed sustainability at the heart of everything we do, focused not on meeting industry standards, but exceeding them and setting new ones.
We are driven not by product or competitive pricing but by a desire to make solar better. Solar that doesn’t pay lip service to sustainability but embodies it. Solar that considers the social and environmental impacts and works hard to make people’s lives healthier. Solar that meaningfully supports the fight against climate change and responsible solar
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Our Projects
We take great pride in our projects and love to share our success with our clients. We specialise in different solutions. To find out more please click on the button below.
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Our Solutions
These are most of our solutions but not limited to as we always strive to go the extra mile for our clients and find more solutions to suite them.
Off-Grid System

An Off-Grid system would be used for the supply of energy throughout the day and night, thus creating an independent supply from the grid with full remote monitoring activities.

Grid-Tie System

A Grid-Tie system ensures that supplemented energy supply during the day, is feeding the load from the renewable energy source, or is feeding excess energy back to the national grid.

Hybrid System

A Hybrid system is generally used for the domestic, small industry and agricultural markets. Lodges and mines have also utilized these energy systems.

Backup System

A Backup system is used to store excess energy produced by the solar panels for later use, or as a stand-alone system. It can supply continuous power when the grid fails (UPS) to maintain continuous operations.

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Custom Designed System

Custom energy systems are designed to work with an existing AC energy system. A bespoke system to suit your business’s specific needs.

Assess, Design, Install, and Maintain are our key principles to ensure quality at the highest standards.

Igrene solutions was approved as an associated partner of Specialized Solar Systems (SSS), a leader in the field. Established in 2008, SSS has a national footprint delivering projects and services all over South Africa and neighbouring countries. Together, SSS and IGRENE Solutions are proud of its many achievements in developing practical and environmentally friendly manageable energy solutions for the many challenges that face Africa from a grass-roots level up.